About Lauren

lauren gayferI’m Lauren Gayfer, nutritional therapist, knackered mum and healthy food-obsessive.

I founded The Fairy Food Mother to use my skills and nutritional expertise to help other exhausted mums and busy women like you get their health back on track.

I work with women who are struggling to maintain control of their own well-being due to time constraints, other priorities in life and sheer overwhelm.

Let me grant your wish for more energy, a flatter tummy and complete control of your eating habits.

I know what it feels like to be in your weary shoes

As both a qualified nutritional therapist and mum of two young children, I understand the challenges that we busy working women face when it comes to looking after our own health. We put ourselves on the backburner both at home and at work, yet still feel guilty if we decide to prioritise something as important as our own well-being. Great nutrition has changed my life and I can’t wait to share this knowledge with you, so we can get back your glow!

I went from feeling ‘bleurgh’ to feeling brilliant

Throughout my 20s, as a high-flying media professional in London, I was plagued with stress-related IBS. I struggled for years with unpredictable and crippling stomach cramps and ‘digestive episodes’, usually brought on by one of those infamous heavy media lunches. The frustration of not finding solutions to these health issues encouraged me to make a huge change and leave my media career to retrain as a nutritional therapist. I may never have discovered how to heal myself with food without a thorough knowledge of nutrition and the human body: I was finally armed with an understanding of how to alleviate my symptoms.

starAnd then motherhood undid all that good work

After my children were born, I suffered with terrible exhaustion and post-birth trauma. I was hideously unprepared for the reality of childbirth, convinced I was going to give birth painlessly by candlelight to whale music. How wrong was I?! As a new mum, I fell heavily off the healthy lifestyle wagon – despite all of my nutritional knowledge – regularly self-medicating with Twixes and that essential food group for all new mums: cake.

I could not go on feeling so awful and continuing to sabotage my health. I took my recovery into my own hands and, after a raft of testing, discovered that I was suffering with adrenal fatigue (stress hormone burn-out), numerous food intolerances and digestive health imbalances, and if that wasn’t enough, autoimmune thyroid disease.

It’s been a long journey to get where I am now. Looking after your health is not something you can do part-time, and I work hard to keep myself well every single day. However, I am also a mum, an entrepreneur and a human being. I’m not perfect by any means – yes I do eat chocolate and drink wine –  but I am committed to helping other busy and tired women like you find the root cause of your health issues and tackle them head on.

Let’s make your health our top priority.




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