How do you like the sound of:

• More energy and fewer cravings 

• A better night’s sleep 

• A greater feeling of calm and vitality

• Eating delicious foods which help you feel fantastic

This is the perfect time to spend a week dedicated to YOUR health and wellbeing.

Take this time focus on yourself - or better still, bring a friend and do it together!

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out what previous Shift the Sugar Challengers said about our week together:

"I feel full of energy, I'm not being stroppy with my family and have no desire to turn to chocolate. Is this really the effect of being sugar free all week?!"

"This week has been a real eye opener. I've been horrified by the amount of sugars contained in food! I've lost 4.5lbs by doing this challenge and feel great!"

"Considering the life-long consequences of the small changes I've made, the fact that this week was a free challenge is amazing because the lifestyle changes and health benefits are priceless"

Pop your details in the box and I'll be in touch when the next challenge starts.

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