Lauren is a breath of fresh (and encouraging) air. She has guided me through a transition period in my life with gentleness, achievable targets eating-wise and a sense of humour. I feel I now have the knowledge and understanding to motivate me to put healthier stuff into my body. Her explanations even motivated me to stop drinking Coca cola after a life time of almost daily consumption! If you are serious about improving your nutritional health – there is no one better!
S.H., 49, teacher and mum of one (17)

 “I first met Lauren a few months ago after finding out I had various food intolerances. I had not received much support from my GP. Quite the opposite – she was sceptical about the tests I had had done and tried to discourage me from eliminating particular food groups from my diet. I had become overwhelmed trying to make so many adjustments to my diet and maintain my energy levels. Lauren changed all this. She fully supported the elimination of food groups and provided me with superb advice on how to structure my eating habits and which supplements I should be taking (all of which was realistic given my busy working schedule and two young children). Finally I am feeling so much better and my energy levels have increased hugely. Lauren has continued to support me over email suggesting various recipes and websites for me to source foods/supplements. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lauren to anyone looking for a calm, understanding and very knowledgeable nutritionist.”
S.Q., 37, dance teacher and mum of two (4 & 2)

I asked for Lauren’s help for nutritional advice as I was going to be running a marathon, and wanted to make sure I had got everything right! She was amazing – not only providing marathon related advice, she also reviewed and revolutionised my diet, teaching me things I had never even considered! Her advice and suggestions were totally individualised, realistic, and tailored to me and my lifestyle, which has made it easy to follow and continue. The results? More energy & numerous noticeable health benefits that I hadn’t realised could be affected by diet. Brilliant!! Thank you so much!!
J.B., 36, physiotherapist and mum of two (6 & 3)

I was a fairly exhausted and worn down mother of two until I met my Fairy! My diet wasn’t actually that bad, or so I thought, but Lauren was able to point out the food types I was eating to excess, and those I needed to add in. She ordered some testing for me which showed a weak immune system and leaky gut syndrome but soon got me eating the right foods (and taking the right supplements). Lauren has since helped my 3 year old and also my husband with what turned out to be a gluten intolerance. It is refreshing to see a nutritionist who brings expertise and knowledge but also pragmatism and professionalism. I feel very lucky to have had access to The Fairy Food Mother to get me on the right track and looking after myself properly (so I could look after my growing family!)
K.H., 35, mum of two (3 & 1)

I can’t recommend Lauren enough. Great to talk to and she has some brilliant ideas and recipes. I honestly felt like a new woman after seeing her and the whole family are enjoying her food suggestions. All mums should chat to her for happy healthy mums mean happy healthy families
R.A, 38, full-time mum of two (3yrs & 6mths)

“I cannot recommend and thank The Fairy Food Mother enough – she has literally transformed my (and hence my family’s) approach to diet, nutrition, and life, and I feel (and look!) like a new woman as a result! I am so much better educated thanks to all the advice, food and recipe ideas, and supplement plan, and only wish I had seen her earlier, especially during pregnancy and immediately post natal, when food is especially crucial. Not only is she a brilliant nutrition expert, but Lauren also acts as something of a life coach, weaving in realistic exercise and ‘me-time’ objectives into the overall treatment plan. I really appreciated having three consultations over the course of a couple of months as they kept me motivated and gave me the kick I needed to continue on the right track. Our whole family is now eating more healthy and varied food and Lauren’s practical advice has been invaluable.”
G.S, 35, full-time mum of two (3yrs & 1yr)

Thank you Fairy Food Mother for making me feel human again. I thought my continual tiredness and mood swings were just part of being a mum of two young children – I was amazed to learn the impact of diet on my mental and physical state. As a mum of small children herself Lauren was able to relate to my situation and offer practical and realistic advice which has given me a healthier perspective on life! It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Changing my breakfast habits, thinking more carefully about what I am eating generally and taking vitamins tailored specifically to my needs has made a really positive difference.
S.C., 35, communications manager & mum of two (4yrs & 1yr)

“I contacted Lauren during pregnancy as my previous baby was born over 10lb and I was therefore at risk of gestational diabetes. She was amazing in opening my eyes to the enormous sugar content in food, together with the incredible presence of chemicals including aspartame in many ‘low sugar’ options. After her consultation I feel much better educated in what I should and shouldn’t eat during pregnancy, and as a result feel healthier and more energised than ever – thanks Lauren!”

R.M., 34, full-time mum of two, and bump (3yrs & 1yr)